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Creation of NAOS ATELIER together with Pierre Jeghers in Liège. Furniture design in a wood workshop.

Meeting between Madame Josine Descressionnère Directrice of the Design Centre and Juhani Salovaara CEO of ERGONOMIA DESIGN OY from Finland


Back in Belgium after two years spent in Finland as a designer at Ergonomia Design OY, creation of
NAOS Industrial Design sprl with Thierry Van kerm in Brussels. Industrial design, Corporate Identity, Publications, Corporate Communication, Interior Design, …

First customer: Schréder lightings, Urban lighting. An international lighting company, design of the Saturne 3S, produced at 18000 pieces/year and still a best seller today.



Design of the famous tennis racket of André Agassi, again for DONNAY, in 1989. The first 3D colored racket of the world, a revolution in tennis equipments industry.


06.02.91, Naos design become a limited liability company and integrates a third partner François Detandt, financialist.


Damien BIHR become the CEO and owner of NAOS design S.A.


Creation of HeliumConcept, the original trademark of NAOSdesign, with Annick Schotte


Creation of the design group BEZIGN at Salone del Mobile, Milano


NAOS design acquires a new property for its own location in Brussels


Creation of the flying designgroup KLUEDO at Villa EMPAIN, Brussels


Opening of the new Office of NAOS design at the new location ESPACEPESCE on April 1st


End of collaboration with Annick Schotte, creation of the new design trademark BIHRD.


NAOS design S.A. creates with Damien BIHR the design company NAOS .iD+ sprl.

The most significant products launched since 1984:

The franchising retailing design for PhotoGalerie,  World N1 diving instruments for SUUNTO, Fitness rowing machine and ergometer for the finnish company TUNTURI, the renewal of the spherical and lentical urban lightings SATURNE 3S for Schréder, AGASSI's tennis racket for DONNAY, swimming googles' collection for ARENA, HEC AWARD, architectural and furniture designs, systems of rules and network relationships chart for RENAULT RETAIL architecture, GALLIX' collection for VAL ST-LAMBERT, the Royale glasscutting, Human advertising billboards designs for the TGV stations of the SNCF rail network, RASASI's perfumes packaging designs in Dubaï, the creditcard telephone service of the New York Airports authorities for 3C Luxembourg, the ”GOLD Packaging design Award” MARIE CLAIRE magazine for the design of the seawater cosmetics LIPOZONZE of the french company GOEMAR, design for the Buildings Airconditioning group TOUSSAINT NYSENNES, the aeronautic mobile Airconditionning material PCA30 for LEBRUN, the design of the exhibition of  Finnish design ”FIND” in Brussels,
The visual identity of the international exhibition ”Vivre ou Survivre” for the MUSÉE ROYAL DES SCIENCES NATUELLES de Belgique, design of the didactical material for scientific exhibitions of the PASS, Architecture and interior design for TDK Europe in Luxembourg, Architecture and interior design of the international advertising agency GREY Communication Europ in Brussels, design and interior design for BAXTER RENAL, the headquarter of CONCOURS REINE ELISABETH, The Design and engineering design of the Diagnostic tests and machines TRAPIST V6 for CORIS BIOCONCEPT, Design concept and engineering of the chocolate machine lachocollate, Design concept and engineering of the Wine by glass INVINEO for BIBMATIC, patented design of P.iSCAN medical Urinal device, the design concept and engineering of the iPWAKTT for CERASUN …


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