GREY BELGIUM, a 100 people team in 1500 sqm in Brussels' office, located in a time disconnected building, planes to renovate the way of working in an addvertising agency.





The concept is based on everyday's creativity in a same place braking some habits of the field.

One demand was "create us a funy place" as creative reference !

Result is

People in advertising are suppose to be crazy, not the working place.
NAOSdesign beard the idea of a village. There is no place activating more creativity than outside like pubs, train, bus, marketplace, libraries, streets, museums,… anywhere but home. INSIDE OUTSIDE, VERTICAL HORIZONTAL with regenerating carefully chosen colours. A discret energizing environnement with many places to elaborate project with clients. A place where others want to be. Everything has been renamed to provoque different point of views, envy and desire for sharing and communicating and in the end producing.

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