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Since 1987 our mission is to interpret, conceive and finalize the identity of a company or product thanks to the design of relational elements such as brands, signatures, events, products, publications, buildings...


Design is not the goal, it is the way.


Industrial design enters in the cerebration about industrial and economical parts inside every company to allow the best position on the market. Our strength is our ability to analyse and respond with a long-term strategy to the questionings of our customers. The ultimate goal is better mutual understanding for better relationships, optimizing the company’s structure towards strategy, marketing, production, reducing production costs and raising added value.

Design Subject proceeds from 4 parameters:

Functional analysis (the trade)

Structural analysis (the intelligence)

Industrial analysis (the economy)

Aesthetics (the shape of intelligence)

All these parameters are bound to each other.

Design is not a state, but a process.

Damien Bihr


CEO NAOSdesign

design is 
not an object


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