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When I was at design school in Liège I had the chance of having a passionate professor animated by his convictions. During this 5-year education, I felt I was really born a designer, but with his way of circling and endlessly questioning the subject like a child would do, I discovered the vocabulary of my own design.

A little later as I was employed as a designer in Finland between 1984 and 1987, I met young designers in various famous design offices I was in relation with. They were all both studying at Arabia school in Helsinki and working in real life situations in house incorporated or design studios. In Finland, every head designer used to be a university professor as well. Transmitting knowledge is a duty. 





Since 1998 I have been active in education as a design professor, offering one day a week of my time to raise the next generation.

By teaching I have not only learned how to structure and optimize my thought. Transmitting requires language, vocabulary, convictions, to enhance the deep wishes of each student. It is a truism to say each student is a seed in the ground and the teacher is the drop of rain with a little sunshine that make it sprout, but it is true.

And it's a both sides benefits

Damien Bihr

Linguistic Design© professor

CEPRECO, Lille, France, from 1998 to 2000

CAD, College of Advertising and Design, Brussels since 1998

Brussels University, American summer University at
Vesalius College, VUB, Brussels since 2010


education is a duty

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