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Portrait©2008 Lorent Matagne

Photos©1984 Christian Charlier

Birth 12 November 1959

PM 20:10 in Nancy, France.

French nationality

Belgian nationality since 1989.
3 children
Residence since 2011

Rue Berthelot 154
B-1190 Forest/Brussels
+32 496 281 335


Already in 1974, I Spent 10 days as “assistant” of my Oncle and Godfather Luc Laurent Bernard, light and lighting Designer collaborating with World greatest architects in Buildings and Museums – Richard Meier, Ettore Sottsass, Hans Holein, Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portzamparc, Santiago Calatrava, Franck Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Sir Norman Foster, … - (Licht design au Schloss Lütenbeck in Wupperthal and finally associate designer at Dinnebier Licht Im Raum in KÖLN, Germany). I learned behaving with a Rotring® and rasor blade, using Shablone and tracing technical drawing the German way, with accuracy and elegance.


Artistic upper school started in 1975 in Lyon, France [Lycée Ampère], Bachelor graduated, Bac A7bis with AB grade, in Bordeaux, France [Lycée Montaigne] in litterature, philosophy, languages (DE,EN), art history and applied arts, June 1979.


Technical upper school (4 years) in Industrial Design at Fine Arts Institut St Luc in Liège, Belgium, from September 1979 to June 1984. Upgraded as University level, Licence in Industrial engineering Design.
Always felt being in an other world and more since living in Belgium. 

Design Linguistic Professor in  Lille from 1997 to 2000 at CEPRECO and in CAD, College of Advertising and Design, in Brussels since 1998. Develop the Design Linguistic design practicing method.

20 years of ”Expérience Utile” are recognized with the offial university Professor diploma delivered by the regional institution of the French Community of Belgium in 2007.


Military service in the 17th Régiment of Cavalerie in Sedan, France. During my 3rd year of education in St Luc.


Graduated in Industrial design[ Industrial Engineering Design] in the’Institut Supérieur et Technique des Beaux Arts St Luc de Liège, Belgium, in june 1984 ”with the highest grade”.
Upgrading of the diploma University lLicence level in 2005. [1979-1984].
1984 Réalise l’identité visuelle franchisée de PHOTGALERIE à Liège.
1984 Selected by the Belgian Design Center in Brussels in décembre 1984
[directed by Mme Josine des Cressonières] for the national exhibition ”The best of Corporates Franchising design from Belgium”.
Establishment of NAOSatelier in partnership with Pierre Jeghers in Liège


Industrial Designer employed in the famous Finnish design Studio Ergonomia Design OY in Turku, Finland. Design for : Suunto, Nokia, Mobira, Valmet, Treston UPO, Rosenlew, Electrolux … Invention du concept de design linguistc.

Writing of an article about ”the internationalization of the design” for the Finnish design magazine Muoto Lehti, Finland. Expressing my disagreement with the design common thought of the time…


Back to Belgium to establish my own company Naos Industrial Design sprl in partnership with Thierry Vankermin Brussels and liège.
Industrial design,Corporate Identity, Publications, Corporate Communication, Interior Design,…
First client, Schréder, urban lightings, model Saturne 3S – produced at 18.000 copies/year and still a best seller…


Design of the premium tennis collection 1988 for DONNAY, soon followed by the famous design of the tennis racket of André AGASSI in 1989.


The world's first 3D coloured tennis racket, a revolution in the tennis industry, since adopted by all sport industry.


Naos design turn to a Limited company, with the entrance of a 3rd financial partner.

I become one of the first Design Export Expert of the SDE program of the AWEX.


Design exhibition Damien Bihr andt Annick Schotte, ”Damien ja Anniki, Kristali ja Textili” in Turku, Finland. Exhibition of design pieces for the Belgian Royal Glasscutting factory Val Saint Lambert, sketches, drawings, prototypes and production pieces.


10 yeras after. I get reed of my pertners in NAOSdesign, acquire all the chairs  and become the only owner of the Limited company  NAOSdesign. A new signature is held to stamp the change.


April 1st, NAOS design moves to its brand new building in Forest/Brussels and call the new space ESPACEPESCE to remind the official date of the opening.


NAOS design and my self create the new company NAOS .iD+ 02.06.2012.

The core business is clarified to focus on Industrial Design skill.


In the mean time some Funny work is not excluded. Designing the future lighting tools for The Boulevard in Moscow. A brand new system is designed to be both present and absent in the environnement. Quite amazing and brainded.


Industrial Design Strategic Advisor for the Region Wallonne, a large study upon industrialists (un)motivation to take advantage of the power of Design. International study and local advisory.
"We can't afford ignoring the power of design”.
Publication of the Innovative Design Readiness Level ©2017 for Wallonie Design to use with the partners of AEI, Agence pour l'Entreprise et l'Innovation. Design and publication of the Product Innovation and the necessary competences©2017, a clarified perception of the design position in the industrial process to innovation.


20 Years as Linguistic Design Professor at CAD College.

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