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Since 1987 our mission is to interpret, conceive and finalize the identity of a company or product thanks to the design of relationnal elements as brands, signatures, events, products, publications, buildings ...



The Subject of Architectural design is the space proposed by the screenplay to those who might have to act in it. The subject is not so much about stones, walls and buildings but more about the emptiness created by those. The relevant organisation of this space is key to making a tool of any object. The architectural subject from a designing point of view is not only the application of the constructive structure as an object but also and mainly an acting part in the story that is going to happen in those walls. Architectural design is a highly sensitive screenplay, a subtle negotiating field. And to start any negotiation, the crucial thing is to be exactly sure about what you want to get in the end. Architectural design is a product, and its conception with all the making process can be linked to industrial design but in no case could the designer substitute the architect.

Damien Bihr


CEO NAOSdesign

design is 
not an object

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