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Since 1984 some design works has been significant of the philosophy of NAOSdesign's manager Damien Bihr as well as leading new design thought that has become standards. 






SUUNTO, the Finnish company, is one of the world's famous company in diving equipment. The other one was SCUBA PRO, USA. In 1985, in charge of the design for a new PRO line, Damien Bihr developed a personal concept that changed the vision of the diving equipment and which has been quickly adopted by all brands.



In 1987 SHCREDER LIGHTING is probably the first international urban lighting company of the moment. As fresh graduated designer I went there to propose a collaboration and NAOSdesign had the chance to redesign the SATURN 3S public lighting. The production represents 18.000 piece a year  and still one of the best seller of the catalogue. The target was : New design, timeless if possible, 20% less expensive than a similar previous model.



DONNAY, the Belgian company, was one of the world's famous tennis racket maker with the world champion Björn Borg. In 1988 NAOSdesign was in charge of the design of the new high priced collection when AGASSI became DONNAY's champion. The design of AGASSI's racket has become, not only the reference, but the starting of a new generation of products.

Today, all tennis rackets are 3D designed, with their visual covering all the frame, inside, outside, not obviously symetric…
HEAD has follow the concept when buying AGASSI.



ARENA, is a famous French company specialized in swimming sports equipments. ARENA become 7 time world champion with Mark SPITZ. In 1998 Damien Bihr designed a swimming google collection based on “one mold injection” process with few ergonomic features since used by competitor SPEEDO.



GREY COMMUNICATION is a Worldwide international advertising agency. In 2003 Damien Bihr designed the reshaping of GREY's Brussels office, developing new interior design working concepts enhancing the relation between creative team, commercials and clients.

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