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The concept is based on

millions of pair of eyes watching TV and a character, young, sympathetic, friendly, fairplay, not looking like tennis club educated : André AGASSI …

NAOS design has defined the first 3D designed tennis racket based on the two most attractiveness :

1. Full product becoming the corporate image

3D trough frame coloured image and asymetric design  

2. Most impressive colors on TV set :
Cobalt blue and fluorescent yellow. ©damienBihr1988.

Borg tennis racket generation was black and symetric, new generation will be 3D colored, out and inside the frame, and non symetric designed. Also, NAOSdesign developed the theory that product must bear its own identity. The product is an add on its own!

This is the result of a linguistic and marketing approach.

The fundaments of design.

2018, these codes are still predominant by all brands, in tennis and other sports...


the new generation is born.


Björn Borg


​since 1971 tennis racket design 

use to be just black coloured

like a Ford T

the next generation arrives, Bjorn Borg retired in 84, DONNAY had to chose his new champion and the choice was Boris Becker or André Agassi.

NAOSdesign is working on 1988 collection, propose two new series, one for Boris Becker, one for Andre Agassi…

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