the 4 fields of designing

When the shape, the material, the colour, the weight, the sound, the smell are signal of the understanding of the use of it properly and determine the final image of the brand identity. 
At the right moment.

How should we make this possible 
According to the quality of the promise the quantities to produce, the logistic of maintain the offer on the market and the cost evaluations to guaranty the viability of the product and its evolution.

What do we need to achieve this promise ?
What will be the technical choices to deliver the service announced at the correct price and how to orchestre the technologies in a space and time that fits the expectations of the user in the future environment

Why should we need this? 

To what question are we going to answer? The functional approach defines the reasons and the way to answer the questions.  Who is going to use it, what and how do they might expect to experiment the service? What shall be the benefits of the usage? What can we promise?

This is the true job of the product.





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